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It's super cozy here...1Stay awhile!Nothing at all...2to be afraid of here.Check out our prints!3And our explorations stories!4

YuccaCafe James McBride who writes for IPaintMyMind wrote a seriously stellar post about Fading Nostalgia:
“For those who consider themselves lovers of the open road and connoisseurs of the charm of abandoned places, Chris and Katie of Fading Nostalgia are kindred spirits. What started as a lovingly obsessive polaroid photo journey through the oddities of historic Route 66 and the American Southwest has expanded into an ongoing photographic celebration of everything discarded, deserted, and unjustly forgotten.” Check out the rest after the jump…
IPaintMyMind is a nonprofit arts media organization. Their mission is to publish arts coverage and support artists so that the public can connect with emerging art & music in a meaningful & affordable way.

2015 Art Festival season is upon us!

Looking forward to visiting some of our favorite cities and towns, and exploring new ones!!

2015 Line Up

February 28 Garage Sale Art Fair
Kalamazoo Expo Center – Michigan
April 25 – 26 Art City Austin
Cesar Chavez in between Guadalupe and Lamar – Austin, TX
June 6 – 7 57th Street Art Fair
Kenwood & Woodlawn – Chicago, IL
June 13 – 14 Old Town Art Fair
Old Town Triangle District – Chicago, IL
June 26 – 28 Des Moines Art Festival
Downtown Des Moines, IA
July 11 – 12 Art Fair off the Square
Monona Terrace – Madison, WI

August 29 – 30 Bucktown Arts Fest
Bucktown – Chicago, IL

2014 Artist Awards

2013 Artist Awards



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